How to Get Cocaine in Rome – Best Coke Travel Guide

Buying cocaine in Rome. getting coke in rome

Buying cocaine in Rome. Italy’s capital city is Rome. Along with being the center of the Metropolitan City of Rome and the special comune known as Comune di Roma Capitale, it is also the capital of the Lazio region. Rome is a fantastic fusion of the old and the new, leaving visitors torn between waking up early to see it all and saving some energy for the exciting nightlife. More on getting coke in Rome below.

Is Buying Cocaine in Rome Legal?

Since 2016, cannabis has been legal for both industrial and medical use. This was primarily done to support industrial hemp growers in Italy.
You’d be surprised to find a “cannabis shop” on every corner in Rome, where there are a ton of them. However, because it contains so little THC, the cannabis sold in these establishments is referred to as “light cannabis.”

When things start to get interesting, that is. All of the items in the shops are categorized as “collector’s items” and may be brought home as souvenirs. They are not meant for smoking or eating. On the other hand, whatever you do at home is your own business.

Where to Buy Cocaine in Rome

The San Lorenzo district, which is home to many students and, of course, merchants, is where you ought to go. Usually, dealers will recognize you before you do, and they tend to be Moroccan and Albanian men. They will come over and try to sell you if you make eye contact with them.
It’s also worthwhile to visit the Piazza di Santa Caterinadella Rota. All you have to do is repeat your previous actions. Ask for fumo and make eye contact with them. Sure, you can buy a gram for ten euros, but perhaps you can bargain for a better price.

Buying cocaine in Rome. getting coke in rome

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