How to Get cocaine in Antwerp World’s Best Coke Guide

get coke in antwerp

Get Coke in Antwerp. Weed tolerance level [1: very illegal 5:virtually legal]= 4

THC Laws in Antwerp

While it is illegal to use cocaine or smoke cannabis in Belgium, police will only seize it if you have less than three to five grams, as is the case throughout much of Europe. If you slice it up, you might also be regarded as a dealer. The police officer in front of you determines it, just as they do everywhere else.

Another reporter remarked, “I smell and see people smoking pot every time I come into Antwerp. As long as it’s not excessive or too close to schools, most police officers are tolerant of smoking, but dealing in public or causing a disturbance will get you arrested. get coke in antwerp

Where to get Coke in Antwerp

Getting coke in Antwerp in one of the town’s main squares, Groenplats, is a wonderful place to visit. I went up to some people who appeared to be hippies, and they helped me. Surprisingly, the real trick is knowing who to look for and posing as a fellow smoker wherever you are. Most young people will assist you in obtaining decent Cocaine, a different reporter said. It is so commonplace that you can probably find it on your own without help.

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