Get Coke in Eilat, Isreal

Where to get coke in Eilat. get cocaine/dope in Eilat

Where to get coke in Eilat-Isreal. Eilat is a Red Sea port and tourist destination in southern Israel that is close to Jordan. Its beaches, including Dolphin Reef, where marine mammals are frequently spotted, are renowned for their calm waters. Popular for diving and snorkeling, Coral Beach Nature Reserve has underwater trails marked with buoys that wind through fish-filled reefs. Keep reading for more on how to get cocaine/dope in Eilat.

Weed Smoking tolerance level [1- very illegal 5-virtually legal]= 4

THC Laws in Israel

Being in possession of or using Cocaine is against the law in Israel. I have visited Eilat on numerous occasions, and I have never had a police officer bother me. When asking for coke or weed, the one piece of advice I consistently get from people is to use extreme caution because undercover agents may fit in quite effectively.

Where to Get Coke in Eilat

Finding Coke in Eilat will be quite challenging, though possible. Hash, however, is quite widely accessible.

This city is Israel’s southernmost city, so you might find a lot of excellent imported Egyptian hash there.

The bench closest to the beachside shopping center will be your best bet. Just start a friendly, casual conversation with the stoner-looking people gathered around these benches. If they are Bedouin, an Israeli Arab subgroup, hash will be available to you 90% of the time.

Where to get coke in Eilat. get cocaine/dope in Eilat

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